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A small order of pork ribs with beans and coleslaw from Rendezvous Ribs.

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uk is one of the premier male-bashing websites in the World.

And of course, as some of us already know, SHORT males are among the easiest to bash.

In retrospect I should have gone for the double double (two beef patties and two slices of cheese), but I was trying to save room for a hot dog eating contest the next day and to sample all the BBQ Memphis had to offer.

And I should have gotten a milkshake (I SHOULD ALWAYS GET A MILKSHAKE) but as soon as I sat down the waitress asked me what I wanted to drink and I panicked and just said Coke. Because I’m sure there will be a next time to eat more ribs, more chicken, more greasy greasy burgers cooked in 100 year old grease.

All of our wedding dresses have a waist to hem measurement of 47 inches with ½ an inch tolerance.

I’m pretty sure I first heard about Dyer’s Burgers while reading Hamburger America (a road tripper’s bible of must-have hamburgers around the U. The restaurant on Memphis’s Beale Street is known for it’s deep fried hamburgers. But these patties aren’t just cooked in any old grease: they’re cooked in really, , old grease.Each burger at Dyer’s is fried up in the same grease they’ve been using for 100 years, since the restaurant first opened in 1912.And, well, who wouldn’t want to eat a burger cooked in 100 year old grease?The quintessential liberal rag calling a Big man "small" because they don't agree with his politics.No surprise coming from The Huffington Post which also displays a good deal of short man-hating along with man-hating in general.Article doesn't state "Man accused of exposing self", or "Woman accuses man of making vulgar remarks", it just flat out indicts this guy. A poster picks up the slack by "accusing" the arrested man of having, "small man complex", not even knowing his height.

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