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Newly arrived in France in January 1917, Second Lieutenant Wilfred Owen wrote home to his mother, explaining how the real thing - mud - was making itself manifest, inundating his sleeping bag and his pyjamas: welcome to the Western Front.

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And I saw white-bones in the cinder-shard, Bones without number.

Many the muscled bodies charred, And few remember...

But the greatest difference, and the power of Owen's gift, lay in his new ability to draw on the sum total of his experience to date in ways that were fresh and exciting to him, and so, continually, to us.

His writing after that first, terrible exposure in France can't help being "mixed up with the War".

The Further Education Funding Council found that all had serious weaknesses but at only one - Matthew Boulton College, was there "some failure to account properly for public funds".

Ministers have already demanded a "fresh start" at Bilston College, Wolverhampton, which plunged pounds 5.7m into the red after setting up a web of franchised courses across the country.

Inspectors also criticised the management of Wirral Metropolitan College in Birkenhead, Merseyside where governors were forced to resign over debts of up to pounds 9m. A National Audit Office report attacked Halton College in Cheshire after it claimed excess fees of pounds 6.4m from the Government.

Further education colleges, which are at the centre of the Government's efforts to improve "lifelong learning", will receive pounds 725m of investment over the next two years.

(But I would trust them to advance under fire and to hold their trench.)" And, just over year before, Owen had been writing poems like his sonnet "Purple": "Purest, it is the diamond dawn of spring;/ And yet the veil of Venus, whose rose skin,/ Mauve-marbled, purples Eros' mouth for sacred sin." What had changed?

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