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One of the most difficult – and common – relationship problems is the simple lack of energy and motivation to continue to try to save a troubled marriage.

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Actually, the sad reality is that many wives – and husbands – refuse to admit the truth. That’s why so many relationships limp along for years or decades even when the cheating partner is unfaithful.

It hurts to let go of a marriage, of the life you had together, of your dreams and hopes and plans.

You’re more likely to save your marriage if you and your husband have a common vision.

What is your “why” for being married, for building a life together?

It was a terrible relationship and I kept telling her to leave, but she wouldn’t. I do know that if you’re seeing signs you should give up hope, then you shouldn’t keep hanging on to a dead marriage.”Your first job is to figure out why you’re wondering if your marriage is over. What circumstances, decisions, behaviors, words and events led you here?

So that’s why I don’t ask for or give relationship advice. That is more important than the signs of a troubled marriage below.

Back to the signs your marriage is over…If you and your husband can’t focus on one point of discussion when you try to resolve questions, then you need help focusing.

You need to learn how to fight the “right” way in your marriage.

If he has no interest in working with you to compromise or build a better relationship then your marriage won’t be easy to save. If he doesn’t bother to respond – or if he says yes – then you have your answer.“Ironically, communication in marriage sometimes give people clarity that they don’t care what their spouse thinks or feels,” says marriage coach Mort Fertel.

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