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She likes the idea so he undress her slowly paying much attention to the feet,removing the high heels, sniffing, rubbing, with her fishnet stockings still on then off.He finishes taking off her fishnet body suit and panties caressing her breasts and ass. He tells her to scrunch her soles like a washboard. He chokes her a bit and lets go so she will trust him. He repeats another time and goes longer then letting her breath. He ties her hands together in front and takes his belt off his pants.

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After she is still, tongue is out a little and her eyes are still wide open, she expires to still. I know I missed a few things and I know everyone has their own tastes, but I like to know so I can fix it for the next time. Irma Coco's Raze Part 1(Fight)with Coco and Belle Fatale Directed by Irma High Def m4v 1920x1080Length Price $15.00Girl Fight Cat Fight Domination K.

He slowly unties her hands and removes the leather belt. He unties the feet still grinding the feet into his crotch. He poses her on the bed with her legs spread apart and her head on a pillow so he can see her pose. O.(x2)Pussy abuse Pussy stomping Submission Blood/Bruising ...

Belle grabs her by the face and decks her in the face to the floor, knocked out.

She goes to Coco's twitching body, battered bruised and bloody from the beat-down.

She gets a call from a foot fetish lover and makes a deal.

She lets him into her room and he explains what he likes.After repeated pussy stomps and Coco is ready to submit, Belle makes Coco say, "I submit" over and over as she is about to get pussy stomped.As Coco lays there grabbing at her bloody swollen pussy she rolls over and crawls toward the camera guy and says, "please help me, please" Belle pulls her up by her hair again and stands Coco up, Belle stands behind her and knees Coco in the pussy over and over again until the pain and trauma cause Coco to collapse to the floor and pass out cold.She checks and each time the legs kick it chokes her harder.He moves over to the other side dragging her in a spin on her back again and stretching her legs out.She agrees with him on a price and what she can expect.

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