Sex chat live without any credit card system

Like many ostensible anti-trafficking efforts, this will do very little to actually affect human trafficking.It will, however, impact free speech, and serve to make many sex workers’ lives more difficult.

Political or community groups that might be critical of them? In the end, the most affected by this will be the most marginalized among us.

Many of the higher echelons of sex workers in the US don’t advertise on Backpage at all, and those who do are more likely to have the resources to learn how to use Bitcoin, pay high fees for prepaid cards, or move on to more expensive, less accessible sites.

That’s the intent.” The human effect is just collateral damage—if we’re even considered human at all.

Sex work is criminalized in the US, but not all sex workers are criminalized equally.

Dart himself declared it “a great day for all who are engaged in the anti-sex trafficking struggle,” since the companies pulling out would “make the average trafficker or pimp’s life much more difficult.” If anything, the new restrictions will make it easier for the few traffickers or pimps on Backpage to hide, by making it so that people can only pay for advertising via anonymous means instead of traceable ones with their names and information attached.

But efforts to combat sex work under the guise of trafficking are often counterproductive to their stated purpose.Public shaming didn’t work, and attempts to shut down the site failed both legislatively and in the court system.The Communications Decency Act of 1996 protects websites from being held responsible for outside content published by its users; attempts to amend or strike down this part of the law in Congress were fought as attacks on free speech, and the law remained unchanged.Multiple lawsuits against Backpage were also dismissed on constitutional grounds.Not to be deterred by small things like the Constitution, Dart decided to attempt an outside the box tactic.Backpage is used in over 80 countries; because credit card companies’ reach is global, their cutting off service to the site affects sex workers worldwide, including those whose work is legal in their jurisdictions.

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