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Finkel and Eastwick wondered, “What if we changed that?

What happens if we reverse the arrangement, and have men seated at their tables while women go around the room meeting men at their tables for their brief dates?

” So they went about to see what happens if the universal institutional arrangement is reversed.

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In eight of them, men rotated among women while women remained seated (in the manner of universally observed speed-dating format), and in the other seven, women rotated among men while men remained seated.

Everything else was held constant between the two conditions. In the traditional “men rotate, women sit” arrangement, men were significantly less selective in their mate choice; they checked “yes” for a larger number of women than women did for men, and they experienced greater sexual attraction and romantic chemistry with the women than women did with men.

For example, seated experimental subjects who place their palms on the bottom of a table and press (a gesture associated with avoidance).

In other words, because they view the ideographs while they are engaged in the approaching gesture, they come to view them more positively.

In support of their embodied cognition hypothesis, Finkel and Eastwick show that, whether they are men or women, “rotators,” who approach their dates, have greater self-confidence than “sitters,” who are approached, and once they statistically control for self-confidence, the institutional arrangement (whether men or women rotate) ceases to have any effect on whether men or women were more selective.

Finkel and Eastwick’s finding in their experiment is truly stunning and potentially devastating for evolutionary psychology.

One of the most fundamental principles of evolutionary psychology is that women are much more selective than men in their mate choice.

Because women pay far greater reproductive costs by making the wrong choice, women have been designed by evolution to be more cautious and choosier than men in mate selection.

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