Sea Battle (Android)

Today we are considering a rather interesting implementation of a sea battle simulator called Sea Battle.

Let’s start with an overview of the main menu of the Sea Battle game, which is quite functional. In the options, you can change not only the usual vibration and sound settings, but also select the difficulty level and type of game. There are three difficulty levels and two types. For the first time in my life I see that there is a Russian and an American version. A direct analogy with billiards is considered. I’ll cover the differences in the rules a little later. If we talk about the level of difficulty, then there are the usual 3 levels. By the way, even the most difficult version of Sea Battle is not able to catch you by surprise. In terms of gameplay and computer intelligence, Sea Battle is not the best option. Since we are considering the free version, we are not talking about any stories and campaigns. To be honest, I don’t know if there are such features in the full version or not.

As for the graphics of Sea Battle, it is the most common. 2D graphics from the top view did not show us anything new. But, the drawing itself is made quite original. The soft and smooth lines of the drawing of the ships, and the pleasant shades of the playing field are pleasing to the eye. Everything looks very ergonomic and colorful. Moreover, at the bottom of the screen show the number of destroyed and live enemy ships. The playing field is made like water, but we are not talking about any animation. Unlike the first naval battle, which I reviewed a week ago, in Sea Battle there are no dynamic animations of the projectile flight, or the destruction of the ship.

But with the absence of colorful animations, the speed of the game does not increase. I’m not that Sea Battle is slow. No, the developers have optimized it very well. The flight of the projectile takes time, and you won’t be able to play quickly. I was also pleased that after the destruction of the ship, the area around it does not turn dark, thereby warning you that there can be no enemy ships in this square. Unlike the first game of this genre, which I considered, where there was no special color for such a zone. But, you can shoot there only through inattention.

Control in the game Sea Battle is carried out with two touches. This is a good move on the part of the developers. With the first touch, we select a square, the second we shoot. This avoids accidental shots.

The position of ships in Sea Battle is automatically random, but you can change the position of each ship manually. This is the way I prefer. Still, you need to use your own tactics to win, and not play by the rules of the computer. Ships can not only be moved, but also rotated. It’s time to talk about the differences between the American and Russian types of playing Sea Battle. Russian, familiar to all of us, with one 4-deck, two 3-deck, three 2-deck, four 1-deck ships. The placement rules are familiar to all of you, so I see no reason to dwell on them. In the American type, the placement rules are the same, but the ships are different. Our fleet consists of one 5-deck, one 4-deck, two 3-deck and one 2-deck. As for me, the Russian version of the Sea Battle game is significantly superior to the American one in terms of tactics. Still, it is much easier to destroy single ships than multi-deck ones.

In addition to the single mode, the developers who can order spare parts for outboard motors using the website have also prepared a multiplayer mode, in which the connection with another phone is made via Bluetooth. An interesting feature that allows you to while away the time in pairs with classmates. Playing with a live opponent is always more fun than playing with a computer.

The game has the ability to save in order to continue it later. This is a definite plus.

Published on February 17, 00:11

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