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In her confessional, she added, "When I was doing my fertility treatments, they were more so for Lamar.

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Khloé Kardashian has suffered a ton of scrutiny about her weight through the years, which contributed to a lot of false pregnancy rumors during her relationships. "Let me just say this…," the reality star tweeted (via magazine that she would say "yes" if Thompson, who fathered a child in December 2016 with ex Jordan Craig (from whom he split before dating Khloé,) proposed to her and wanted kids. We could start at one and we could grow from there." In the August 2017 issue of ), the starlet elaborated.

"I feel like I've been pregnant for six years," she griped to in 2014. "We're still in a new relationship and I love us having time together.

"I used to get offended, like, 'Do I look fat today? Once you have kids you can't get back your non-kid years," she said.

"…You worry about your children for the rest of your life.

The concern I have is raising little human beings in a world that's filled with such hate and terror. I'm at a crossroads." What she did seem to know was that Tristan Thompson was father material — or so she thought.

That seems very scary." ), Khloé announces that she is no longer using birth control. It's like a really big step," she says, noting that she's undergone enough testing to know that it is possible for her to conceive. "This is something Khloé has wanted for years and years, and yet it's more than that: she didn't want it unless she was in the right relationship for it," a source told .that Khloé Kardashian and basketball boyfriend Tristan Thompson are also expecting a baby girl together.Fans rejoiced for the reality stars, particularly for Kardashian, who has endured a lot of heartache while dreaming of becoming a mom."About a year ago, we were like, 'Let's just see what happens.' And then when it didn't happen, Kim was like, 'Let's go to the doctor,'" Khloé recalled in a February 2013 episode of ). "My uterus lining isn't thick enough and I have to take pills to make my uterus lining thicker.If that doesn't get thicker, then I cannot carry a baby." In a March 2016 episode of , the reality starlet revealed she'd undergone in-vitro fertilization treatments in an effort to conceive a baby with Odom to try salvaging their struggling marriage.A baby has been a long (and tough) time coming for her.

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