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One of the main advantages of validation is that we can combine it with standard parsers like SAX.

In this case, while handling SAX event we will not care whether the document is valid or not. And we'll receive SAX events from already validated XML content.

API supports XML parsing of file or buffers, navigation inside the tree, a large subset of xpath is handled, tree can be created/modified in RAM and then commited (serialized) to a file or buffer.

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methods to read XML document from File, Input Stream, SAX Input Source and String URI. We need to create our own handler class to parse the XML document.

We need to implement interface to create our own handler classes. Employee; public class XMLParser SAX Employee:: ID=1 Name=Pankaj Age=29 Gender=Male Role=Java Developer Employee:: ID=2 Name=Lisa Age=35 Gender=Female Role=CEO Employee:: ID=3 Name=Tom Age=40 Gender=Male Role=Manager Employee:: ID=4 Name=Meghna Age=25 Gender=Female Role=Manager instance.

Nope, you need something a little more powerful, something with more horsepower under the hood. By marking up data fragments with HTML-like tags and attributes, XML provides the content author with an efficient and simple method of describing data…and the Web developer with a powerful new weapon to add to his or her arsenal.

Now, XML data is physically stored in text files, as pure ASCII.

Highly configurable, and with a rich feature set, Xerces is a part of the Apache XML Project, and is designed to meet the twin standards of performance and compatibility when parsing XML documents.

I’ll try and keep it simple – I’m going to use very simple XML sources, so you don’t have to worry about namespaces, DTDs and PIs – although I will assume that you know the basic rules of XML markup, and of Java programming. Now, you may not know this, but there are two basic approaches to parsing an XML document.

Example bellow shows how to insert JAXP validation between source XML-file and SAX-parser: import

Default Handler; /** * A sample application which shows how to perform a * XML document validation while parsing XML with SAX.

provides default implementation of Content Handler interface and we can extend this class to create our own handler. The important methods to override are method is called.

It’s advisable to extend this class because we might need only few of the methods to implement. We are overriding this method to set boolean variables that will be used to identify the element.

"The primary goals of Xml Lite are ease of use, performance, and standards compliance." Not tested.

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