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IDOC_INPUT_DELVRY is the standard SAP function module for processing EDI 945 transactions.

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Sap updating delivery address

The reader will gain a better understanding of the EDI processes needed toimplement EDI 940 (Warehouse shipping order) and EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice) transactions for the Advanced Planning, Picking, Packing/Unpacking, Shipment Confirmation/PGI processes.

Moreover, this document covers the use of Handling Unit management (HU) as a part of the overall process and the automated re-processing of failed IDocs. The client’s mozzarella cheese, cheese blends, and pizza cheese are made especially for pizzeria and food service operators, frozen food manufacturers and private label cheese packagers.

Using standard SAP IDocs would have resulted in creating multiple EDI mapping documents with a large volume of unwanted data for the 3PL thereby increasing the overall VAN transaction costs Additionally, maintaining multiple mapping documents in the EDI middleware would not have been a cost-effective solution.

The proposed solution is to have a custom IDoc type with all the required fields for the Sales order, STO, Delivery and Shipment documents.

Whey is the by-product from the cheese manufacturing process and is used for nutritional supplements and ingredients.

Whey customers include baby formula manufacturers, Nestle, Bristol Meyers, and M&M Mars.

When the failed IDocs are re-processed we only want to re-process from the point of failure.

Any prior steps that were completed successfully should not be re-processed.

If more complex customization is required then the approach should be to copy the standard function module to a custom function module and enhance as per the requirement.

For the four processes defined below there is a potential for the IDoc to fail at any point in the process.

Whenever a sales order, STO or delivery document is created, changed or deleted, a corresponding IDoc must be generated.

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