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The All Blacks Haka includes loud chanting, fierce facial expressions, agressive arm movements and foot stamping.

Bands of Relatives are often popular, especially in country music where "brother acts" became common enough to get a collective phrase, so occasionally a band who aren't actually related will claim to be related, usually siblings.

When characters enact stereotypes for the amusement of others.

Wrestling brothers might indeed form a legendary and oft-decorated team, like Rick and Scott Steiner; or each might be recognized as a legitimate star in his own right, like Dory and Terry Funk (each a former NWA world champion).

If they were once a single zygote, then you have Tag Team Twins, such as Ron and Don Harris (they would also qualify as a Sibling Team).

Aoteroa or "Land of the long white cloud" is the Maori name for New Zealand. There is an opinion claiming that Maori are actually from China.

According to this theory they gradually travelled via Taiwan to the Philippines, Indonesia etc.

Tā moko tattoos are applied by tohunga-ta-moko (moko specialists). On the basket people put Mutton cloth or something similar. Hakari (feasting) was an important Maori tradition.

In traditonal Maori society they used have special, kind of sacred status. Making a huge feast by providing food and presents for everyone attending it required lot of money.

This makes sense; the consecutive Super Bowl successes of Peyton and Eli Manning at least hint at a genetic component to athletic success.

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