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If you’re not sure about the date attire, casually bring it up when you’re fixing the date or let your partner know if you intend to dine in an elegant restaurant or have a casual dinner.#4 Knights and damsels Manners and etiquette aren’t just a way of letting the world know you know how to behave.Sometimes, you may end up meeting a great friend or even a potential business contact through a failed date.

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But sometimes, you may end up feeling tipsy or drunk with just a few glasses.

And once you get there, there’s no way your date can end well.

#8 Prepare yourself for a few conversations Your date may be excited to meet you and get to know more about you.

But at the same time, it’s not easy to create exciting conversations with someone you just met.

It’s also your way of letting your date know that you respect them.

On a successful date, a man has to be the chivalrous knight, and a woman has to be the elegant damsel in distress, because that’s just the way both sexes expect their dates to be.

On the other hand, compliment your date about something only if you genuinely feel it.

A fake half compliment can seem more insulting and embarrassing to your date.

[Read: 3 perfect ways to end every kind of date] #3 Show your best side Dress up and try to look your best when you meet someone on a date.

It’s very disrespectful and demeaning to walk in shabby when your date’s spent a while trying to look good for you.

Don’t pretend to become their personal shrink and ask your date to open up to you and reveal all in no time.

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