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This passion led me to Thailand at the beginning of 2013.

I have found that language learning is most successful when it is grounded in a communicative and supportive environment, allowing the students to personalise the language and express themselves confidently.

My skills and experiences ensure that I can also teach IGCSE biology.

This curiosity and passion for learning extends to the classroom, where I am constantly trying to push my teaching ability and create the best possible conditions for my students to extend and develop their English language skills.

In terms of my teaching methodology, I am very interested in more experimental forms of teaching such as Dogme and the lexical approach.

But I feel lucky to be able to say I also really enjoy my job, and being able to do it here in Thailand is an amazing bonus! I have a BA Hons degree in Educational Studies from the University of Hull.

Even though I love health and fitness, I decided that I wanted to motivate and inspire others in a different way; by teaching English.In fact I liked it so much that I got married and my daughter, Jasmine, comes to IH to study English for Young Learners courses as well.I have prided myself on successfully teaching students for exams whilst at the same time having fun.Out of school, I enjoy following and doing sports including fitness activities, cycling round the countryside of Thailand, swimming and cheering for Tottenham Hotspur.My name is Marshall and I am 28 years old from California in the U. I take care of the marketing, day to day running of the school, and advising clients on their programs of study.I changed jobs to become the Marketing Director in 2014.

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