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He was previously a senior reporter for Business Insider in London, reporting on big tech business, policy, and the gig economy.

His writing has been published in or syndicated by Vice, The Washington Post, The Independent, Slate, and elsewhere.

The web is littered with applications launched by people who thought it would be that simple.

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They both seemed to walk into some kind of weird anomaly in the fabric of time that happened…as best I can tell…exactly twice.

If you think all it takes to build a software company is a nice website, a pretty application, and a link from Giga Om…please reconsider.

Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

Dating in Germany will either make it more so or raise the chance to finally get the partner you've been looking for all along.

I thought success would be easier.” One of the Smart Kids When you’re young people throw compliments at you left and right. When you’re young, people tell you that success is easy to keep you from getting discouraged.

They say anything is possible if you work hard enough. It’s a combination of enormous amounts of hard work, intelligence, and luck. An enterprising developer reads these articles and thinks “I want to write an app that gets half a million users in 10 weeks. ” So she spends a week in her basement and cranks out a Facebook application.The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate. It also predicts how satisfied you are with your partner. A great deal of evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in infancy, in a child's earliest experiences with a caregiver who reliably meets the infant's needs for food, care, protection, stimulation, and social contact. on May 28, 2018 in A Unified Theory of Happiness Loneliness is always a downer, but when we feel lonely in a relationship, it might feel like a life sentence. By Shireen Jeejeebhoy on May 28, 2018 in Concussion Is Brain Injury Friends come; people go. But after brain injury, the number of losses increases like a logarithmic scale to infinity. Rob has appeared on broadcast media including CNN, BBC, and Reuters to discuss technology and culture. Let's talk: [email protected]/ @robaeprice / Whats App, Signal, phone number available on request.A few months ago I had a conversation with a successful friend of mine (by successful I mean 29 years old, self-employed, a six-figure income, and two houses in Northern California). We were discussing what it takes to be a software entrepreneur and in a moment of self-reflection he said “I’m not as successful as I anticipated. Read the Guinness Book of World’s Records cover to cover…well, that will get you beat up by a 6-foot third grader named Chuck…but you get my point.Now they’re selling their labor of love on Sitepoint. The Bottom Line There are exceptions to the rule that .

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