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A membership survey e Bay recently completed revealed that over 350,000 of its US-based sellers earn a significant percentage or of their income from selling on e Bay . Once you’ve spent the money to get a new customer, you sure want to see them again. Just as important, how can they refer others to you and your website? Repeat customers and referrals are the lifeblood of successful businesses. Forrester Research, an independent technology research company, projects online sales will reach 6 Billion by 2010, or a whopping 12% of all retail sales . Advertising for new customers is expensive, no matter how you choose to do it. Yet, no matter how good your transaction went with them the first time, if they can’t remember who you are or what your web address was, how will they ever find you again?

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Yahoo and Microsoft host over 25,000 online stores and company web sites each . Option #4 has the twin benefits of using the already-existing power of continuing costs, fees, or percentages after the initial (business-use tax-deductible) investment to purchase your Memorable Domain/s.

Goldman Sachs predicts that online advertising could reach $12.3 billion this year. Source: Kelsey Group and Con Stat Analysts reveal that e-commerce web sites have in just a few short years managed to grab the same share of retail sales that took catalog companies nearly 100 years to achieve . A good way to generate business when you have the profit margins to support it; it's drawbacks include 25-50 % affiliate fees, the need for accurate affiliates tracking and record keeping (some companies have 100's to 1,000's of affiliates), and possible negative impact on your brand.

and that most shopping categories will post compound annual growth of a startling 10-20% each . These are the Memorable Domains upon which they’ve built exciting new brands, profitable businesses, and breakout divisions; and used to effectively attract and drive huge numbers of both new and repeat visitors and customers to their web sites and stores, offices, products, and services. That is what you and/or your company/business should want, too; and frankly, what you need; if you expect to successfully build a new business, grow an existing business, name or rename a new product, service, or company, or make a buy now/sell later Domain investment.

Research by Ipsos-Insight on behalf of Pay Pal, the online payment division of e Bay, found that 72% of companies doing business online cited higher sales as a positive outcome of their decision to launch a website . This means that, other than the tiny yearly renewal amount of $10-$30/Domain to whatever Domain registrar you're using, . THIS explains why smart, leading national and international companies of all sizes and revenues have invested and continue to invest $500,000 to $3,000,000 and more for Internet addresses.

All the great companies—online and off—have heavy repeat and referral business.

and 1,000’s of e Bay Store/Power Sellers who are quietly generating 0,000-0,000 /yr in business, sales, and profits each year; year after year after year . If you can’t get people coming back to you over and over again—along with their many friends, family, and co-workers, the chances are excellent that your business will never provide you with more than a subsistence income, if even that.

That’s what a Memorable Domain name does for you—24 hours a day (even as you’re sleeping), 7 days a week, all year long, year after year after year. Relying on our own human nature and memory to almost magnetically draw us back over and over again to companies and businesses who’ve made wise one-time investments in relevant, hard-to-forget, business-building and profit generating Memorable Domain names.

If you expect to build real wealth with the time to enjoy it, you must have repeat and referral business.

Toys R Us battles others at auction to grab for ,000,000. America Online (AOL) a jaw-dropping ,000,000 for

Bank of America plunks down an eye-popping ,500,000 for

How many people would visit my website if the ad said, “300Domain” or “”?

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