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To this day, the circumstances of his death remains a mystery.

Young blues virtuoso, Mick Taylor, replaced Brian and heralded what many consider the peak of the Rolling Stones recording history.

John and Paul played the first verse and chorus for the boys, who eagerly agreed to record the song.

Charlie Watts tapped Darryl Jones, a former sideman of Sting and Miles Davis, to be the next bassist for the band.

This time though, unlike Ronnie Wood or Mick Taylor.

Less than a decade passed before Brian was unceremoniously dumped from the band he had founded.

A few weeks later, on July 3rd 1969 he was found floating in his swimming pool.

An old school chum, Keith Richards, took notice and in that instant a new probable universe emerged.

Although they literally were heading in different directions, Mick off to the London School of Economics, and Keith to Sidcup Art College, their souls were on the same track.

The Stones endured many transitions over the years.

Despite Brian's early leadership, the prominence of front man, Mick Jagger, bolstered by his co-writing status with Keith, quickly changed the dynamic.

A bit of trivia for fans of the CBS show, As a young boy, Jake Weber, who plays rocket scientist and ever-patient husband, Joe Dubois, had a front row seat to the recording of "Exile on Main Street" in the South of France.

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