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I agree with the other anon that there is no drama as Pinoe is out, so no detectives looking for clues and shit like that.

Sera wasn't really that well known for people to actually be that interested.

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There's maybe a bit of that and some other minor factors like position but I think it's more to do with her being gnc.

Look at how much stick Harris got when she cut her hair.

The constant tweets and facebook posts are annoying as hell and the response to them has gradually decreased the more the posts are made (even before the protest).

I just noticed that Pinoe's fiance has unfollowed her on social media (Twitter & Instagram, specifically...

“She didn’t know squat about soccer, still doesn’t,” laughs Brian on a phone call from the Vista Detention Facility.

“The only thing my mom knows about soccer is how to paint soccer balls on her fingernails.” But she went out there and tried anyway.

soccer star Megan Rapinoe shares the animated story of “When Wachy and I Ruled the Playground,” aka the tale of the times Megan and her twin sister, Rachael, spent ruling recess.

On Wednesday, just in time for the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the U. Department of Justice decided to throw the nation’s attention toward the beautiful game a bit early when they indicted nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives for corruption and conspiracy.

She went up to her and was all "Sorry to bother you, but you know you really look like Megan Rapinoe.

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