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Puck and Blaine are brothers, also, because I have a weird fascination with them being brothers, omg.Also, I started this fic before Cory passed, (RIP Cory) and so Finn was in the fic.Episode Two of All Teeth and Smiles brings Rachel and Quinn now mated into the forefront of Gyste society.

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Rachel was sick of everyone, of being treated as though she didn't belong. Flash forward a year later, she finds a certain blonde hair hazel eyed girl in her dorm.

She was sick of these feelings she had been holding for Quinn for so long. "I love Finn," Quinn insisted, voice wavering as she convinced not only Rachel, but herself as well."No, No you don't," Rachel responds, her speech is tight as she stares intensely at the other.

Everything was spinning, and she slowly sat down in the office, as Mercedes talked to the nurse. Rachel cleaned herself up, and she felt fine, so she went back to class.

Mercedes waved and left, and Rachel smiled weakly and then the nurse sorted her out. I felt better last night, and now I feel sick again. When it was lunch, she really wanted some fried egg, which was weird, because she was vegan.

She threatens to tell people unless she can try it too. Threesome with Quinn using a strap on to fuck Rachel while the dog is in her ass ect.

Rachel not caring about Quinn's threat to tell people because she has no problem with her terms and would love to see her get fucked by her dog. They say write about what you know about and this kept hitting me on the head so I figure i minus will get it out. AU of transmale ray berry transition is more than skin deep. This is just a collection of one shots from prompts from my tumblr ask box. you're more than welcome to send prompts (or generally say hi! Okay, so, this is another idea my rp partner Katie gave me.Blaine is Native American, and lives on a fictional reservation outside Raleigh, North Carolina."This is real,"-If Rachel and Quinn developed a close friendship, which maybe develops into something a little more Quinn and Rachel haven't seen each other since high school when Quinn's fiancee stumbles into the restaurant where Rachel has worked since she left Lima.This chance encounter pulls them back into the same orbit, and uncovers feelings they had both hoped would stay buried."You can think that all you want Quinn, but this, this thing between us?

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