Quicken not updating stock quotes

Check the bank website for notices, and check your email for a message from your financial institution regarding planned outages, maintenance or scheduled downtime.

You may simply need to wait a few hours before you can complete a download.

If server maintenance isn't an issue, check the account information in your Quicken settings against the information from your financial institution on how to set up Quicken downloads.

In some cases, you'll be missing transactions because they haven't yet cleared the bank, in the case of a check, for example.

The bank likely marked the transaction as pending, and won't include the transaction in your download until it's fully completed.

Quicken software is regularly updated, and you can install these updates easily using the One Step Update feature. In this case, you can manually download and install Quicken updates.

You do need an internet connection to download updates.

Quicken 2015 Premier_Stock price quotes do not update this morning (4/17/15). New input: It's 4/17/15 @ PM and the quotes are downloading as they should.

Several issues could be causing your Quicken finance software to fail at downloading transactions, from issues with account settings to server maintenance at your financial institution.

To update Quicken on the Mac: Quicken will check for the latest Mac updates and prompt you to start the update process.

Note for Quicken Mac 2015 users: If you purchased Quicken Mac 2015 from the App Store, your update procedure has changed.

You will receive a message confirming that you're already running the latest version.

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