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The previous colorways can be seen with each boots details and release dates in our recent article here.

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(Left: Brattarb/Wikimedia Commons; Right: Janikorpi/Wikimedia Commons) Background: A time-lapse photo of stars.

(Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Thinkstock) Puma Punku in Bolivia is one of the world’s most mysterious ancient sites.

The Orange fades into white speckled with orange with 7's all over the toe box and bottom of the boot.

The black heel area shows what appears to be Carbon Fiber or at least the appearance of it.

The finely cut doorways and remaining stone blocks bear no chisel marks and many interlock with very fine precision.

According to Jason Yaeger, professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, the city was already abandoned when the Incas conquered the area in 1470.A silver writing with Mercurial branding and 0000015 are found running diagonally down.The 0000015 is showing that this is the 15th colorway made exclusively for the Real Madrid star.This remains true for both academic archaeologists and historians as well as rogue historians who investigate the hypothesis of advanced prehistoric civilizations or ancient assistance from extraterrestrials.Puma Punku covers a large part of the massive ancient city of Tiwanaku and it is located just southeast of Lake Titicaca in the Andes.The buildings are deliberately oriented to the cardinal points, he told Forbidden History.

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