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I am crushed by what I see happening; I'm one of the victims of this isolation and it IS depressing.I don't dare knock on a friend's door anymore because they are "busy" it seems and don't want to just converse over coffee.The best research confirms it: Americans are now perilously isolated.

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The situation today is much worse today than it was when similar data were gathered in 1985. You can probably think of several off the top of your head: the longer work hours, the Internet, the ubiquitous i Pod . According to Robert Putnam, sociologist and author of the influential book, , for every 10 minutes added to commute time, there's a roughly 10% decrease in social ties. For the great majority of human history, people resided in small, intimate hunter-gatherer communities. Social isolation is a huge risk factor for the onset of major depression, which has more than doubled in prevalence over the past decade.

(At that time, only 10% of Americans were completely alone). And anthropologists who spend time with modern-day hunter-gatherer bands report that social isolation and loneliness are largely unknown among them: group members spend the bulk of their time - virtually all day, every day - in the company of friends and loved ones. deep friendships replaced by screens, gadgets, and exhausted couch-potato stupor. And there's growing evidence that isolation increases vulnerability to various forms of addiction, as well.

It appears the problem, though culturally nuanced, is becoming global. Recently, my husband (my best and only friend) was in the hospital for a month.

I visited him everyday but came home to an empty house (our kids are grown and we are not very close with them either).

Also the population has aged, baby boomers are now hitting their 50-60's and reflect, has it all been worth it?

the so called American dream that has been sold to us has now emerged as a lonely place because we see the larger picture of world disenfranchestisement.

Even Americans of a few generations ago used to benefit from a richness of community life that has all but disappeared, as we've witnessed a long, slow retreat into the hermetically sealed comfort of our fortress-like homes . In a future post, I'll discuss several strategies for enhancing social connection that I've outlined in a recent book.

But here's a useful first step: Resolve to live each day as if your relationships are your highest priority.

My family doesn't want me to live with them, in spite of their huge homes and only two people in each. I am researching information to write a concept paper for my Sociology class, and I came across this article.

I read the article and responses from all, suddenly I realized this was ME!

As a person who is now 55, I am sick of the falseness of the media, lies of the politicans and have distrust of the genreal phoniess of the must have it all attitude.

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