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He’s obsessed with attractiveness and linking race and intelligence in work that’s been repeatedly debunked.

He’s also said he wished Ann Coulter was president on 9/11 so we could have nuked the entire Middle East. I feel dirty even dignifying the article with critique, so I’m going to make this as brief as possible.

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Neither, apparently, are race differences in intelligence, for which Kanazawa cites his own debunked work about how black people are less intelligent. No, the real reason black women are less attractive is probably because they have more testosterone than other women.

And testosterone, while it looks fine in men (yay gender essentialism! “Objectively.” I think what he’s trying to say is butch women are gross. This piece is so undeniably racist there’s just no way Psychology Today put it up for any other reason than to generate traffic. And in fact they’ve published plenty of bullshit by Kanazawa in the past, plenty more junk science and pointless racist ramblings.

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However, black women “subjectively” consider themselves more attractive.

So, uh, the views of black women are “subjective,” presumably because they differ from the views of the author, or maybe a majority racist sampling base? Kanazawa makes sure to bring up that black women have a higher BMI than other women, by which he means they’re fat fat fatties, even though BMI is totally bogus, is not standard across races, and more importantly, fat does not equal ugly unless you’re a fatphobic asshole. Oh, but this isn’t the real reason black women are more unattractive!Maybe the fact this article was taken down means they’re finally done with him – a girl can dream. Because maybe if enough of us tell them we’re over this crap this really will be Kanazawa’s last article.Jos Truitt is Executive Director of Development at Feministing.Jos first got involved with organizing when she led a walk out against the Iraq war at her high school, the Boston Arts Academy.She was introduced to the reproductive justice movement while at Hampshire College, where she organized the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program’s annual reproductive justice conference.The single parent may feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of juggling caring for the children, maintaining a job and keeping up with the bills and household chores.

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