Protocol of internet dating

Such things as stationery, flowers, music, brides maids' dresses, and many others do not feature.

Russians call "engagement rings" the rings that the couple exchanges during the wedding ceremony.

The two buy them together; the groom pays; this is the necessary part of the wedding tradition.

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Still quite a few couples do not appear in ZAGS on the day of registration without a prior notice.

After the couple has applied to the department of registration, they are considered as being a bride and a groom; but Russians do not talk about being engaged, they say "They handed in the application".

She is a wonderful person, and I have known her fiance as well for a few years.

I was not expecting the treatment I received at the wedding.

The couple is supposed to apply in writing to the department of registrations asking to register their marriage.

The department will give them available dates (when the registrar is available), but according to the law there must be at least 1 month of "waiting period".

The cars are used to collect the bride, and go to ZAGS for registration ceremony.

In the old days (before Perestroyka) the bride's family was supposed to pay for the reception, nowadays brides' and groom's families usually share expenses.

The more cars participating in the wedding train, the more proud the couple will be.

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