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They believe that symbols are put in temples to represent the history of the church, the history of temples, and to teach the individual mind concerning God’s teachings, which increases their knowledge of God’s teachings.Temple symbolism provides opportunity for members to receive personal revelation, answer questions that individual members had been praying about, reveal new knowledge, reveal new questions, and provide peace.

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A picture of the resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ, is in every temple.

This picture symbolizes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, it symbolizes that Jesus is in His temples, and it symbolizes His glory when He will come the second time to the earth.

Signs and symbols in LDS Temples are in the form of pictures (paintings), writings, works of art, revelation, artifacts, gestures, and scriptures.

Members believe there are messages in temple symbols.

Scriptures symbolize the knowledge that can be obtained inside the temple if used properly. Symbols are used in each temple to reinforce themes.

A common theme in all temples is the creation/organization of the world and the story of Adam and Eve.

God wanted Adam and Eve to have free agency, so He gave Adam and Eve the right to choose.

This choice symbolizes the free agency God promised to His children in the pre-mortal existence.

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