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If you’re working for a public service employer (or plan to), your remaining loan balance could be forgiven through a Before consolidating federal student loans, consider your career path and finances.Do you have enough in savings to cover your student loan payments if you hit a financial snag?

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When you consolidate your private student loans, you’re essentially refinancing multiple loans with one new one that’s offered at current market rates.

There are some significant benefits that go along with that. Private student loan consolidation may decrease your monthly loan payment, which will bring down your debt-to-income ratio.

Student loan refinancing is similar to refinancing a mortgage or car loan.

When you refinance, you trade in your old student loan for a new one.

Usually, you also end up with a lower interest rate or with a payment plan that allows you to make smaller monthly payments over a longer period of time.

If you have a high interest rate or burdensome monthly payment, refinancing can help.

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When you consolidate your federal loans through the U. Department of Education’s Direct Consolidation Loan program, you can extend the loan term to make your monthly payments more affordable, but you won’t see a favorable change in your interest rate.

When you consolidate your private and federal loans through a credit union or bank, you could be offered a rate that is lower than what you’re paying right now.

This ratio compares your monthly income to your monthly payments for things like loans, credit cards, and housing costs.

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