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An inconsistency with one of the principles above doesn’t guarantee that there’s a problem; people make the determination of “problem” or “no problem” by applying a variety of oracle principles and notions of value.

You can improve a vague problem report by referring to a specific oracle principle.

A tester’s report is more credible when decision-makers (program managers, programmers) can understand clearly the tester believes an observation points to a problem.

Several years ago, I wrote an article for Better Software Magazine called Testing Without a Map.

The article was about identifying and applying oracles, and it listed several dimensions of consistency by which we might find or describe problems in the product. Testers often say that they recognize a problem when the product doesn’t “meet expectations”. Testers can be a lot more credible when they can describe where their expectations come from.

Finally, note that some conferences offer discounts—and even if they don't advertise it, maybe we can work something out. Petersburg, Russia Three-day Rapid Software Testing class with a corporate client. Petersburg, Russia Participating in the Heisenbug Conference.

May 23-29, 2018 Łódź, Poland A public session of the three-day Rapid Software Testing class, followed the Testing Cup and Championship.

You can use the list to anticipate problems or to frame problems that you perceive.

Another reason to internalize the list is to be able to move quickly from a of a problem to an explicit recognition and description of a problem.

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Both the class and the championship are sold out, but you can still register for the conference here. June 18-21, 2018 Portland, Maine A three-day Rapid Software Testing class and a day of follow-up work, in-house for a private client.

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