Problem with dating a married man

In which case he will quickly change you for someone else.

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If he is trying to avoid that at home and you give him that, then you won’t have him for long.

So be sure this is the kind of relationship you want right now in your life.

But if you are using him too for your own needs then it can’t hurt. Don’t expect this to be a normal love relationship where you can have him with you anytime you want.

Dating a married man leaves you wanting more and feeling unfulfilled emotionally and if you don’t understand this before going into it then you could end up always feeling frustrated and bitter with him.

I'd finally understood that I was in love with him. But he couldn't have left his wife - he wanted to but knew that society wouldn't forgive him. I'm not his wife, the future mother to his kids, the one who'll hold his hand when he's old, right?

I was the 'other' woman, hidden behind curtains and closed doors. Caught between the woman he'd married and the woman he loved, he was living a dual life.

When you come to me claiming to be what you’re not and toil with my emotions it’s hard to forgive.

But if I am aware of the situation and still decided to go ahead, then it’s my decision.

Before I get into how to date a married man successfully, first let me tell you the real truth about a married man who cheats on his wife.

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