Porsha is dating

"So no, we'll just walk up in here and be like, 'We're just the bomb.We here.'" Watch Porsha dish more on her dating life, below.

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"Someone needs to come up with an app — I know they have game shows — an app where it's just your closest relative, and they're the ones who go on the dates for you," she said. Make her go through all of this to find my prince, you know what I'm saying?

That would be so good." Even though there's always a lot of chatter among the ladies when it comes to each other's men, Porsha has an idea of how she'll handle introducing her future special someone to the crew.

"I want them to be busy, have their own life, but want to get to know someone in order to have a future with them.

So I want someone who's dating with a purpose just like me, and we want to end up having the same goals in wanting a family and loving the Lord and all of that," she explained. I don't get it, because you were just with her,'" Porsha said.

And friends tend to not necessarily agree with who you're dating. If I brought a man on the show, and they had some things to say, I would hear them out because looking back in the past, when anybody has said something about someone I dated before, I thought, 'Oh, maybe they could've had a point then, too.'" But she's not worried about what they might say, either.

"I'm not gonna be scared because I'm a very strong person, and I know whoever I date, he's gonna be a boss," Porsha said.

We're not exactly in a relationship right now, but it's growing into something," she said.

Well, Love Connection, that is.“It's bigger, better and greater,” host Andy Cohen promises of season two. We are actually making -- look, I'm an optimist, but I feel like we're making some real, lifelong connections.”For the Fox dating experiment’s second installment, the focus is 100 percent back on, well, love.

If they make me feel that way, then that'll probably be the guy." want in a relationship right now, citing distance as a dealbreaker, especially since that was one of the contributing factors in her breakup with Todd. "So for now, I'm just happy being single and working and just enjoying life." But someone is giving Porsha a case of baby fever.

"I've been meeting a lot of guys who have very young kids, you know an 8-month, you know, a 2-year-old.

Though scars of divorce are still fresh, Porsha is trying her best to get over the incident.

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