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You wonder why your heartfelt and witty first time messages to females in your area are met with rebuke, none response, or even being blocked, and of course those message center notices that this member only accepts messages from upgraded members! There are even prostitutes in the mix who dress scantily in their photos and talking about wanting to meet people for fun, not just one sincere man, but people or the famous bull$#*!

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Plenty of fish ontario dating website Free sex chat without registration id

So now you're becoming disgusted over this site and the time and effort you've wasted on it. Oh, and the notices in your inbox of profiles that want to meet you and what happens when you look them up and find they are no longer a member or no longer exist? Now after a while you look at the profile member guidelines and see that profiles without a photo are to be reported, suspected scammers are to be reported, abusive language or psycho profiles are to be reported! Guess what, just try reporting this stuff and add to the equation that the staff who might very well be manning the fake profiles and responses as well as supposedly monitoring these profiles to protect members from scammers and you get thrown out!

They terminate your membership and of course with the disclaimer that for any reason they can get rid of you at anytime!

You're not entitled to a hot guy unless you're hot yourself. Get over yourself 9- read my profile before even thinking of messaging is another regular headline. who would want to date someone aggressive in their profile. Initially they made a mistake and kept sending me names of women looking for men.

I am a heterosexual female looking for heterosexual men. Then I started receiving emails from Russian and Asian whores looking to have sex and ads for penile enhancements..wonder where they got my email from???

Some people just leave their accounts up and don't check in, not fake, just inactive & I suspect they leave them there to keep their numbers looking better.

Learn to recognise the fake ones - poor English, pushing too fast but never available to meet, time zone differences (late nights/early mornings), request for email address or messaging account instead of mobile phone number to communicate.

Even then I like having them both to use, doubles my chances and number of dates! Have met quite a few guys through POF, just not the right one yet....

IMO ALL dating sites have an issue with fake accounts - OKCupid, Be2 (the worst! Have read a lot of comments by disgruntled men here...jeez, try being a woman online dating - have had to learn to report/igore/block many because of totally inappropriate (or just disgusting) requests, but seriously, POF is no worse than any others (no I don't pay either).

You're obese not bbw there's nothing beautiful about rolls of fat.

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