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Dial controls wipe down easily, but you have to turn through all the settings to reach your desired speed.

A flip switch is easy to clean but limits you to a few options.

Paying more generally means better results and more versatility.

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This buying guide will lead you to the best blender for your needs and budget.

If you’re just looking to whip up the occasional milkshake or morning smoothie, you’ll want a different model from one you’d use if you’re a fan of whole-fruit juicing with a taste for homemade almond butter.

According to the arrest affidavit, Cruce, who is known as 'Coach Shawn' by his players, punched one of the Barracudas players in the face as the player took off his helmet, punched another in the face and throat, and hit a third.

Winter said she saw Cruce remove her son's helmet and punch him.

Forget the hot soup or whole-fruit juicing, and you might have to settle for chunkier frozen cocktails. A relatively new blender category aimed at people who like to take their power shakes and yogurt-based smoothies on the go; mixing containers double as a travel jar. It’s more of a complement to your countertop blender than a replacement. Some blenders are easier to store than others, which could be a real concern if you have a small kitchen.

With their super-compact design, immersion blenders tuck easily into a drawer, though, again, they can’t take the place of a countertop blender. If you’re going for a full-sized unit and plan to keep it out on the countertop, a model that is less than 17 inches tall should save space on the countertop by fitting under the kitchen cabinet when not in use (though it’s a good idea to take a measurement because some cabinets are lower).

Here are the four main types, from the most-to-least versatile: Between their powerful motors and fast-spinning blades, they’ll serve up frozen drinks, silky smoothies, and fiber-packed whole-fruit juices in a flash.

Some even crank out hot soup and churn-free ice cream. These less expensive models are best for lower-intensity blending tasks, such as milkshakes and fresh fruit smoothies. Submerge this cylindrical device with exposed blades directly into the food or drink you’re preparing—say, simmering vegetables in a pot.

Meeks is one of the players Cruce is accused of punching.

During the on-field brawl between the youth, Meeks said some of his teammates pushed Cruce's son, which Meeks believed caused Cruce to retaliate.

One player was said to have suffered a cut below his right eye, while the others did not report injuries, police said.

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