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Other cars I've seen once so far are Diablo, Shelby Cobra (non-mustang), Viper (though another one drove past while I had it), Ruf Spider, MP4-12C. I do get tired of the same 5 cars all the time though.

I'm going to try and play new game plus, and see if that fixes it. I tried so many cars, eventually my success came with the lambo murcielago LP67-4 SV. Just use an older car with brakes that aren't so good!

Holding the boost on while you handbrake to give you that little extra bit of distance i found helps. The '74 Monaco pulls up from 120 mph in 140 meters.

It started happening once I finished the single player so now I've basically been punished for completing the game.

Upon completion of the game the traffic flow gets messed up.

Average domestic cars (non-police '99 crown vics, '06 caddy DTS, '10 towncar, '72 vista cruiser, '01 blazer, '08 base mustang, both F-series trucks and Rams) don't seem to ever appear after completing the game outside of side missions.

Haven't seen the old COE semi truck ever spawn with a trailer either.

Loved all the movie challenges except the two that don't really seem to be based on any actual movies (not in stockholm any more & fascination) and they've all got a decent them tune that could of almost been ripped right out of the target movie/TV show.

Would of preferred some kind of A-team or smokey & the bandit 2 chases.

the cars carcrasher88 mentions spawn THE WHOLE GODDAMN TIME and the ford crown vic taxi seems to retire from service, replaced by the impala and the minivan taxi, ambulance and the armoured van are nowhere to be seen, yet there are so many fire engines.

The only diversity you get is when a random sports car appears, which makes the whole thing feel unnatural and forced This has ruined the replay value of what was until now an enjoyable game. You need a really super fast car and full boost bar.

I've done literally every other dare apart from that one!!!! You need a really super fast car and full boost bar.

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