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Click the "View" menu and select "View Options." Deselect the "Display Play Count and Skip Count" settings.This will not change the way i Tunes selects its songs in "Shuffle" mode, however, so this method will only be useful for users who do not want to see how many times a song has been played.In response, Apple has included a way for users to clear play counts or remove the play count column from the i Tunes display.

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This feature is supported on the 5th generation i OS devices and onwards; e.g.

Hopefully, following the steps mentioned above has resolved the step count issues for you.

Apple's i Tunes media player tracks how many times a particular audio file has been played.

Play counts are also tracked on Apple's i Pod portable music players or the i Tunes app on an i Phone or i Pad.

These play counts also will be synced with your i Tunes library counter when the device is synced.If not, chances are the Motion Coprocessor CPU isn’t working or the data generated can’t be collected by the software for any reason.Since it’s a more complicated issue, you should visit an authorized Apple Support nearby.Smart Playlists allows users to control the way the "Shuffle" feature in i Tunes chooses music.For example, users can choose to listen to their most played or least played songs in the Smart Playlist settings and i Tunes will create a shuffle playlist according to that criteria.If the i Phone health App not working again, please try the next method to resolve the issue.

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