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Now as we all know, Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez used to be a couple.

They became the subject of a scandal after a short video from Anne Cutis’ mobile phone showing the couple in bed and making out was leaked and made its way to thousands of inboxes all over the Philippine.

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Mariana a Filipino-Brazilian Model who came to the Philippines from Sao Paulo Brazil to try her luck on Philippine showbiz.

She has been on a number of print ads, and TV commercials but most significantly – Mariana del Rio is the third woman in the Hayden Kho’s sex video series!

I only have one thing to say about this – the champ sure knows how to pound his way into a woman’s hearts!

Criselda Volks is famous in the Philippines for her sexy roles in “bold” movies.

It’s still unclear if Hayden was indeed the person on the other end of the camera though since we all know that he likes to actually star in his own videos.

A word of warning to Rufa – maybe it’s best to listen to your Ipod with some form of clothing on and no one is video taping you but naked! Maricar Reyes is a model-turned actress and is well-known for playing John Lloyd Cruz’s girlfriend in the drama series . The first 30 minutes of the video were mostly chit chat, the video bears witness to Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho having a meaningful conversation about life and about love.

It involved the Youtube, two high profile people getting down and dirty, a high profile doctor cheating on another high profile doctor, drug tests, senate hearings – and the list goes on!

The Katrina Halili/Hayden Kho sex video scandal has indeed rocked the showbiz world.

Well photoshoppping is actually a standard practice in the magazine industry, but because the “before and after” photos involved the famous Angelica Panganiban, the whole thing became a massive scandal.

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