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Predominantly an oral language owing to its fascinating origins, Quechua is equally spoken in its various dialects by inhabitants from almost all of South America’s nations.

However, given that the language is based on a tangible art form rather than a conventional writing system, spelling discrepancies are, unsurprisingly, common and its glottal sounds have led to the production of an incredibly unique written form in modern times.

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These guys are your classic douchebags and are relatively easy to spot.

The French haven’t really wrapped their minds around the concept of “dating” yet.

But they’re also not afraid to drink a Cosmopolitan in public.

Obvious bonus: an accent so hot that they can read the small print on a beer bottle and make it sound sexy.

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Also know as phone party lines or phone personals, dating chatlines are not a new concept.

Andrea Dabney, Elizabeth Kobe, Stuart Pancer, and Leslie Anne Pope.

He also, participates in treatment of car and work accident victims, workers compensation and personal injury.

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