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So if a big part of a womans concern is what kind of men are so crazy, why wouldn't they for 20 or 25 dollars a month, buy a throw away cell phone for dating?

I mean it speaks to their issues, adds a degree of safety at a minimum cost.

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They certainly look good compared to some on here.scottey63As usual very sane advice. extreme viewpoints that represent a minority - including those who are rigid about gender roles - often accompany the loud voices that can dominate i was dating, i always phrased it 'here's my number (123-456-7890), or you can give me yours if you prefer to be the one called.' virtually all the women i was emailing gave me their numbers. for cell phones.""we're not all as blessed as you to have extra money for several cell phone for internet dates."Ahhh, few mistakes there, the several are for business, I have one for personal use, and never got the one for only dating. "They certainly look good compared to some on here."Well since I was the object of your wrath, I assume you are speaking of me. Most of the responses I read, were agreeing to having their number blocked for the womens safety. I will attribute your ill manners to pain or feeling outside pressure resulting from your medical issues.

You need numbers to be able to call if there is a delay with a meet or some such. Just dont answer the phone or let it go to message. Although, if your gonna post angry posts, try and keep the facts can get free phone numbers. you can get free phone numbers from google voice, whistle phone, Skype.

He backed out of meeting her, simply because I'm assuming it was emasculating for him or something. Or just went with his gut, and figured that this wasn't normal for dating.

I am all for it, since it's a safety issue, and two people meeting online as strangers, but I hear some guys are not cool with this because it interferes with the traditional male courtship process. I know not all men are like this but taking these precautions, even if it avoids one, is worth it - but no, not all men are cool with it. It only takes a small number of bad/scary stories about number exchanges to have everyone out in panic mode.

If they're that paranoid about it, they shouldn't even be dating.

I expect to be able to talk to someone first to determine if meeting in person isn't a total waste of my time.As men, should we feel more inclined to co-operate in these cases if we want a date? I've never had anyone abuse my number except for an ex-friend (female) because she was paranoid that her ex-boyfriend was interested in me. My point is, it's probably very rare for anyone to be a stalker once you give them your number.I find this funny, because in some of the phone exchange threads, men had said they just give their # first initially, and the women responded, that women don't do the's just not a woman thing to do. He mentioned the blocked number and I explained that I would like at least one conversation before handing out my number. Most people feel like they're interfering if they call you and then don't even call when they said they would. If it's a safety issue, then buy a prepaid cell phone to use only for contact with online dating.The first meet will not make you safe from any harm anyway. Without hearing a voice I would never agree to meet and if the numbers are not given out, have to wonder why.radiantspirit What happens if you cant make the meet or he cant? you can do video chat on yahoo messenger, Facebook, and other types of chat messengers. i know that if i had to change my cell number, sprint will allow me to change it as many times as i want and for's very easy to get rid of someone if you don't want them around so it's really unnecessary to act like you're going to get stalked.I'll continue to trust my intuition and my judgement of character in general. Then if they stalk or harrass with messages it doesnt interfere with your main communications and you know who would be ringing.

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