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Charles Lucas (1713-1771) (ii) older brother, Thomas (d.1730), heads the line leading to William Blood (1720-1791) (WB), Old Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1750 (iii) Colonel William Blood (1749-1784) (Col WB), son of WB is Young Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1774 (iv) Bindon Blood (1775-1855) - son of Col WB, grandson of WB - a.k.a.

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He was also Richard Arkwright's backer and partner as well as founder of a silk stocking firm in Derby and cotton-spinning mills at Belper and Milford.

From a farming background in South Normanton, Jedediah worked as a wheelwright before inventing the Derby rib machine for use on stocking knitting frames in 1756.

The earliest written narrative dates from 1791 and was prepared by William Blood (d.1818) of Dunboyne, Co.

Meath, grandson of William Blood (c.1600-aft.1650). This document was passed to another William Blood who worked as an official at the Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

It is an omission commonly met with in family histories that the kin of wives and mothers are ignored, consideration being given only to the male lines.

This author feels that much of interest is lost when biographers take such a narrow view of a family's story.

features more than 250 photographs, 32 in full color, of Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, the Beatles, Steve Winwood, the Grateful Dead, and others.

Introduction by Paul Mc Cartney In an article entitled The Study of Genealogy in Ireland, published in Burke's Landed Gentry (1952, 17th Edition), Anthony Crofton wrote: It is sad history that on 13 April, 1922, the building known as the Four Courts in Dublin, the central repository of Ireland's public records, was set on fire and burned; the flames deliberately fed with the collected muniments of centuries.

Each member of the direct line from Captain Edmund Blood to the author of this article, Dr.

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