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Le Foodist Amanda and Stéphane chose for their theme "Discovering Culture through Food", so in addition to cooking classes and wine-cheese pairings, there are also hosted dinners where you learn about the history of French cuisine, many fascinating fun facts and anecdotes you can pull out next time you're at a dinner France! Learn how to cook regional classics or pastries like macarons, meet other travelers for a festive meal on a boat at the foot of Notre Dame or in the Latin Quarter.La Cucina Di Terresa Tel 01 43 48 01 14 or 06 09 26 85 31 Murphy grew up in Los Angeles and San Francisco before moving to Paris in the 1980s.Then it’s back to her large kitchen, where everyone gathers around a large wooden table, each armed with a clean apron and a print-out of the day’s three-course menu.

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Conveniently located in four locations around the city, including the business districts of the Champs-Elysées and the Opéra, these ateliers have become the trendy place for 30-something professionals -- as many men as women -- to gather in a fun and informal atmosphere.

All of the classes are hands on, so even if your French is rusty, all you have to do is copy what the chef if demonstrating.

Created in 1999, the Secrets of Paris is the oldest independent and locally-owned website about Paris in English, for both visitors and residents.

Discover what you've been missing: * Free Resource Guide* Calendar of interesting Paris events * Monthly Secrets of Paris newsletter Read more about the Secrets of Paris here Nothing is more French than fine wine and gourmet cuisine.

Atéliers des Chefs Traditional French cooking classes have always been fairly formal, almost old fashioned affairs.

In 2005 the Atéliers des Chefs changed all that by offering à la carte cooking classes of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes in a stylish, contemporary setting.

More than just about cooking, when you're with Theresa you'll also learn about seasonal products, the history of many recipes, nutrition, issues concerning GMO, farm-to-farm seeds, domestic fair trade, and CSA (community supported farms - AMAP in France).

Half-day classes for private parties of 2-6 in their vactioning apartments or group classes in her kitchens are €220 for individiuals, €170 per person for private parties or group classes.

Les Coulisses du Chef01 40 26 14 00 Olivier Berté gives cooking classes for groups, individuals and children in his cooking workshop, a relaxed and laid-back environment near the French Bourse.

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