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Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — What makes a Filipino love song remarkable?Plenty — omnipresence, singability, quotability — but what makes a Filipino love song remarkable amongst all other love songs is The Filipino love song doesn’t suppress, and the Filipino love song doesn’t tire.“What the lover needs,” writes Carson, “is to be able to face the beloved and not be destroyed.” This is why we create things like music; we need something to exist in our stead, to contain the feelings that would rip us in half if we housed them for too long.

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After reading the list of songs below, I made a playlist of all 25 of them, but I found myself listening to it sparingly.

Couldn’t bear to put it on in company, or to play it for anyone else.

Couldn’t translate Sugarfree lyrics, couldn’t explain the concept of ” phase; dream pop was all over the radio with the success of Sugar Hiccup’s debut album, "Oracle"; and Rivermaya was proof that the scene was an expanding business, open for franchising. Our “alternative music” explosion had yet to produce a love song for freaks; Eraserheads’ “” were great, but they were universal affirmations that lacked the outsider appeal of something like Radiohead’s “Creep.” Another Western alternative phenomenon that had no local counterpart: the introspective female singer-songwriter.

That’s when Cynthia Alexander’s “Comfort In Your Strangeness” dropped from the sky like a magic spell.

After the delayed airing, the series aired on August 26, 2013, replacing Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.

Initially, Got To Believe was originally planned to be premiered back-to-back with Muling Buksan Ang Puso in July 8, 2013, but due to the request of Koreanovela fans, the series was postponed because of the Korean drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. A journey that will take them out of the mansion and into the real world and would teach them various lessons in life like the true meaning of friendship, of standing by your family, and of accepting one’s self. The only similarity they have is that, they both do not like to lose. If they only knew that their journey was just starting there.Due to the song's previous usage in the romance film, director Cathy Garcia-Molina clarified that the television drama is completely different.The rendition featured within the show is sang by Filipina singer Juris.— ALEX ALMARIO ERRATUM: An earlier version of this article erroneously credited Lulu Villarde as the composer of Kyla's "Hanggang Ngayon." The correct composer of the song is Arnie Mendaros.

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