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Everything that you need to prepare for the BMAT is on, or mentioned on, the BMAT website (org.uk), and you can practise the test with the specimen papers available for download.

Additionally because the test specification very strongly relates to level 3 key skills such as 'handling of number' and 'communication', your best preparation is to work hard on developing your key skills during your sixth-form studies.

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Participating universities may also provide test centres and there is provision for applicants' schools to apply to become test centres, so there is no reason for applicants not to take the test, due to the nearest test centre being far away. Entries made by the standard closing date, the fee is set at £46 for candidates sitting the test in the UK or EU, and £78 for candidates sitting the test in other locations.

Late entries were subject to an additional late entry fee of £33.00; you are therefore encouraged to register by the standard deadline.

While a candidate's performance at any test will improve with some familiarisation or practice, anyone thinking of paying for such help should consider very carefully whether they might be wasting their money.

Note that Special Considerations relating to the BMAT are handled by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing and not Oxford Medical School.

It is published by Heinemann, and costs around £18.99.

Companies and individuals offering help with BMAT do not have a special insight into the nature of the test.

Candidates from within the EU in receipt of equivalent allowances or grants within their home country may also apply for their BMAT fees to be reimbursed.

If you are registered at a school, you should speak to your exams officer, head of sixth form or careers officer.

The women's Boat Race, which precedes the men's, was won by Cambridge, who celebrated an easy win over Oxford. Unless they sink, Cambridge look like they have this all wrapped up. Winning cox Sophie Shapter said: “We just knew we had to go out there and do a job.”Oxford president Katherine Ericsson said: “I’m crying, but I’m actually really proud.”Oxford men's coach Sean Bowden acknowledged his side were underdogs going into today’s race.

Cambridge were also favourites for the men's race, which began at 5.32pm. 5.47pm - The race almost gets worse for Oxford, who narrowly avoid colliding with a log. 5.45pm - The light-blues are now four lengths ahead. 5.40pm - Cambridge are ahead by two lengths after the first mile. He said: "I think it's fair to say they've been ahead of us all year, but we will do what we can to turn that around.

The one text we recommend when preparing for the test is "Preparing for the BMAT: The official guide to the Bio Medical Admissions Test", written by the Admissions Testing Service; this official guide has everything needed to prepare and practice in a single book.

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