Over60 dating sex dating in jellico tennessee

Married, gay or dead, or they're out having drinks with women who are 35. As one of my male neighbors told me, when the funeral home was taking his wife out the front door, women with casseroles were coming in the back door.

Barbara wrote: "We, the single women in our 60's are doomed!!!

This is entirely different from women, who can virtually be sexual camels.

"That's part of the reason why men over 60 date much younger women.

When you're over 60 your days are running out quickly, so why not enjoy sex as long as you can?

"Most men don't like putting themselves out there to be judged." Bob wrote: "Many of the divorced women I met spent much of the time talking about how rotten their husband was and, obliquely, what pigs men are.

I really don't want to try to change someone's view of an entire gender. But don't tell me about all the other pigs in the world.

I keep reading about all the women looking for someone to share things with, but where are they hiding?

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