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In reference to the statistic that 75% received retaliation after reporting, it raises the question: What sort of retaliation?

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In fact, you probably know many of these women, and perhaps you are one yourself.

Watching the Twitter feed, it’s shocking how many women experience sexual harassment.

The UN regularly shout at Japan for not allowing immigration. The reason I choose not to believe it is, it just doesn't make sense. I doubt we'll ever find out if it's true or not anyway unless there's some sort of revolt. They are conditioning the public not to consider any ideas or thoughts that are not filtered through the establishment's sources. William Pierce saying that back in the 70's he thought if he only provided the public with the truth than that would have been enough. I've been feeding him information for years, but he is so indoctrinated that he won't except anything that is not provided to him by Jewish sources.

Some pose good arguments, but so does David Icke, in fact I was almost persuaded by his Reptoids stuff more than I was the Jewish Conspiracy. Even if there is a ton of evidence, the brainwashing is so strong, that it wont matter. But than he learned that the lemmings are so brainwashed that they would rather pull out their own hair than except anything that is not what the establishment finds as correct or accurate. But even if I use his "acceptable" sources against him, his mental programming will not except it.

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If you’d wish to contribute sign up to our expert’s program here!Bottom line, if 3 out of 4 women are afraid to report harassment then this is something that must be addressed in every professional environment.Why should anyone have to wait for the number of victims to add up and come forward for this issue to be addressed?The word in that article that is the most chilling is “endure.” Why should any woman have to “endure” what are essentially sexual crimes on a daily basis?Women only want the same workplace treatment granted to a man: to work hard under management that exhibits fair treatment.I guess all I can do is provide you with information. Again, they have been brainwashing people since sesame street.

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