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A bruise was found on his right temple, assumed to be caused by falling down the stairs after he had gone through the wrong door.The workhouse had its own school which between 18 contained around 30 children.To the rear of the yard was the original workhouse infirmary.

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The Union gradually expanded and by 1821 comprised 21 parishes.

Rugby Poor Law Union was formed on 29th March 1836.

The school closed in 1894, with a "Children's Caretaker" replacing the teacher.

In around 1912, the Union set up three children's homes — the Mc Clure and Townsend homes were in Charles Street, and the Mitchison home in Cromwell Road.

The workhouse, at the south side of Lower Hillmorton Road in Rugby, opened on 24th June, 1819.

The sleeping quarters were fitted out with 50 iron bedsteads each with deal bottoms, straw bolsters, a blanket and two sheets.

On Friday March 31st 1911, the Nuneaton Chronicle carried the following heart-warming story concerning the Rugby workhouse: At the meeting of the Rugby Board of Guardians, on Monday, the workhouse master reported that a young woman and her two children left the house on Saturday.

It appears that last Christmas a young widower, hailing from a northern town, was admitted to the casual wards.

As well as a male and female ward on each floor, it contained operating theatres on the ground floor, and seven nurses' rooms in an attic space.

Washing and toilet facilities were placed in sanitary towers on the north side.

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