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Even if you’re not naturally funny, try to think of a funny opening line and remain light hearted.

Leave a comment below with your funniest or most successful one liner.

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Or they can be horrible ones that you don’t know what the person was thinking.

Sometimes, we can learn more from what one person has done wrong than for one a hundred people have done right.

Or maybe the list below will help you think up something original to try out.

If that’ sthe case, post it in the comments below, we’d like to hear it—and here whether it worked for you or not! You don’t need to rethink your game, but it might be time to step it up.

Let us know if you have any other pick up lines that you’ve heard.

These can be good ones (ones that have worked for or on you) that you would like to add to the list.

The thing about confidence is that if you fake it long enough, eventually you won’t have to fake it any more.

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