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It’s the familiar cry of women left scratching their heads after a seemingly wonderful date with Mr. ” Since I didn’t have the answer, I turned to someone who did.

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I always suggest doing something more interactive like hiking, mini-golfing, or going to the beach because it allows people to bond and get to know each other and is less pressure than a dinner date.

The most important rule of thumb I stress to my clients is to think of a first date as a chance to make a new friend, and see where it goes from there.

Even then, many people don't recognize it's their state of mind that prevents them from making connections.

JK: One easy way to get people out of their heads and into their dates is to go on a more fun and casual date than dinner.

They often zone out while their date talks, obsessing over things like: Does she like me? Showing her you are interested in what she has to say, and who she is will win her over a lot faster than trying to take her home.

JK: Men and women make these common mistakes because of how they are wired. However, as we all know, most of our friends will simply brush off the experience – as “He’s an idiot” or “There’s clearly something wrong with him.” I’ve consoled plenty of pals using those exact phrases. Oftentimes, we are in the dark about what exactly went awry, which is why we immediately go to our friends for a sensible explanation.JK: The key to rejecting someone kindly and effectively is to not insult them but still be firm.Politely say, "Thank you, I'm flattered by your offer, but I'm not interested in going out with you." If you know the person, you could suggest friendship. JK: In a perfect world, everyone would meet in person and get to know each other face-to-face.Likewise, if you are too serious on a date and are reluctant to open up, your date will likely be uncomfortable sharing as well and you may have an awkward and disappointing dating experience. A man should use a date to get to know a woman as a person first, and a lover second.

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