Old professinal mothers in usa dating

Then, a few short weeks later, I met “him.” Intelligent, hot, attentive and, you guessed it, married.

We shared so many interests, and there was definitely chemistry.

She does and says things without recognizing that to some extent our whole family is dating this guy.

That tidbit of information conjures up lovely images of fidelity, trust and respect in one of the world’s most revered and common social institutions — marriage.

Looking to Meet and Date a Womyn seeking a Monogamous, Long Term Relationship over time through mutual conversation, simulating activities, and opening up to an innate chemistry which generates an emotional, mental & spiritual connection.

Looking to Eventually settle down and gain stability in one locality with that Special Womyn, maintaining our Individuality, yet coming into agreement with mutual Life Affirming and Collective Choices. I try to treat everybody with love and respect, even tho it is so hard at times.

I Possess a Pleasant, Sensitive, and Warm Personality.

Truly Enjoy Listening to Others, Teaching Wellness & Holistic Health; "Breaking Bread" creating Multicultural and Ethically Diverse Acquaintances.

Pretty Serious, Self Empowered, and A TOTAL GAME CHANGER Coming Into Someone's Life; Army Military Family Upbringing, Went into USMC and am a Honorably Discharged Marine Corps Veteran.

I have a Passport, Travel Globally & throughout the US.

The contacts flooded in, and in a few short days, I had a plethora of potential suitors.

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