Nswindow not updating

This is why long-running processes can lock a window from updating.

In Windows, this can be overcome by creating background threads.

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One of the things that has been a learning experience for me has been understanding how OSX handles threading, understanding what objects are thread-safe, and how to capture user feedback from within an thread running outside of the main UI thread.

Conceptually, Windows, OSX, Linux — UIs tend to be run through a single, primary thread.

Please provide as much detail about your issue as possible to help us investigate. And because I wasn't able to find a viable Solution over the web search I decided to post my Work Aroud it is not the most neat/Perfect solution - however it does the Job for me.

This solution will work only for Windows and Mac (I don't have any other platforms to make more).

OSX has something similar, but after hours of looking, I wanted to make sure I document how it works here, so I won’t have to look this up again.

The two functions are: Invoke On Main Thread and Begin Invoke On Main Thread.Hey blurdot- The code shown seems to control the camera only when the mouse button is being held.Is the code that controls the camera without the button being held the same or similar to what is shown above?Thanks Doug Wilson Is Input Key Down(EKeys:: Left Mouse Button) which I called on tick (I assume you're using tick to constantly update the camera).As long as I held the button it continued to call the code.To do this, you need to find a way to thread switch — so that you can encapsulate the code that will interact with the UI around the necessary code to switch execution back to the main UI thread.

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