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In 2003, one of Norway's main private investment funds, Skagen Vekst, sold their €3.6 million stake in the oil company, referring to ethic problems surrounding Kerr-Mc Gee's engagement in Western Sahara. Krieger of Colorado ordered Kerr-Mc Gee to pay treble damages, or almost million. Maxwell would be entitled to twenty-five percent of the amount recovered for the government, or approximately .7 million. Maxwell, however, most of the money awarded would go to pay the legal fees associated with his almost-10-year fight to force Kerr-Mc Gee to change its deceptive practices and pay what it owed to the public.In June 2005, the Norwegian government sold the .7 million it had invested in the company through the Government Petroleum Fund (one of the biggest investment funds of the world), characterizing Kerr-Mc Gee's contract in Western Sahara as having "particularly serious violations of fundamental ethical norms". The jury award damages in the amount of US.6 million. It is alleged that Karen Silkwood was negligently or purposefully contaminated with plutonium while working at Kerr-Mc Gee's Cimarron Fuel Fabrication Site and investigating safety violations at the plant.In July 2005, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) settled with Kerr Mc Gee Chemical in Henderson, Nevada that required the company to pay ,392 penalty to resolve air permitting violations at its facility that began in 1993.

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Corporate headquarters were located in Downtown Oklahoma City. Additional exploration was planned for the South China Sea.

In the 1970s the company had a forest products division, and mineral mining in New Mexico, Arizona, and Idaho, and coal mining in Wyoming and Illinois. These operations were run primarily from an office in Beijing.

Kerr-Mc Gee and its subsidiaries formerly operated in western Kazakhstan, western Australia, Brazil, Trinidad, Benin, the United Kingdom and several other more minor locations around the world at various times.

Kerr-Mc Gee received international criticism for undertaking exploration for hydrocarbon resources offshore the Moroccan controlled area of the disputed territory of Western Sahara in 2001.

In 1957-58 this partnership built a uranium mill near Grants, New Mexico and Ambrosia Lake.

In 1983 the mill was taken over by a new Kerr-Mc Gee subsidiary called the Quivira Mining Corporation. From about 1962-1966 Kerr-Mc Gee processed uranium at its oil refinery site in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Main oil and gas operations in the US were the Mid-Continent, Rocky Mountains, onshore Louisiana, and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Bureau of Land Management, National Forest) and the Navajo Indian tribe.

Main offices were located in downtown Denver and the Greenspoint area of Houston. Kerr-Mc Gee had exploration, development, and production projects in Bohai Bay, China, near Beijing.

Until 2005, Kerr-Mc Gee had two major divisions: chemical and oil-related.

On November 21, 2005, the chemical division of the company, based in Oklahoma City, was sold off by IPO as Tronox, thereby making Oklahoma City home to the administrative side of Kerr-Mc Gee, while all exploration and production management was located in Denver and Houston.

Kerr-Mc Gee is at least partially responsible for large scale perchlorate water contamination first discovered in the Lower Colorado River in 1997; It stemmed from land used by a facility in Henderson, Nevada which was owned and operated by Kerr-Mc Gee Chemical LLC (as of 2011 Tronox LLC), where perchlorate was produced from 1945 until 1998.

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