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The program actually solves all the problems with the updating of the popular anti-virus database, and thus make it free without breaking Features: * Displays the contents updates on all servers company Eset and mirrors.

* Displays real versions of files (not from update.ver). * Comparison content updates to your NOD32 and current mirror (new green; outdated-red). * Restores files in the “Mirror NOD32 LAN Update Server.” * Creates a mirror with the restoration of names. * Creates a mirror in any language versions of software components.

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nod32 not updating from mirror-76

I tested on NOD v4.0, works great, clients download updates successfully (probably 3.0 is working well, too).

You can publish the mirror with smb UNC path, or via http.

Nagios NOD32 Update Mirror Version Check Plugin for check the version of antivirus signatures from Internal NOD32 Server Mirror Update with system date and version of signatures present into Eset Nod32 website.

This plugin monitor a NOD32 Update Mirror Server (http) and checks if the is up to date.

* Creates a mirror server from the command line (and gets in the systray rose after implementation). * Testiruet servers for updates, and then adding to the list of mirrors.

* Creates a mirror on the assigned NOD32 (the “this” on the command line). * Polnotsenno NOD switches from the commercial regime trialny and back. * Checks passwords to be able to update to the company Eset servers.

It's realy useful for big antivirus installation for verify if you use the LATEST definition or not.

Please if you know also how server v6 distribute update please let me know for improve the checks.

Then your future releases will be synced to Source Forge automatically.

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