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What CNN doesn't mention is that I normally only have sex with black men because I am trying to get pregnant with a black baby ON FILM. As you already know, EVERY cumshot I've ever taken from a black man is an internal creampie. In my inaugural scene here on Barb you'll watch my pussy get filled by none other than the giant cocks of Mr. These two black studs shoot more cum in my pussy in this one scene than every white man I've been with in my life put together! Steven looks like he would be dinner for Justin Long but apparently my incarcerated black man is only into pussy that's attached to white girls.Unfortunately, I must have not timed it right and was not ovulating the day these 2 fertile black studs emptied their ballsack's inside of me as you'll see by my negative pregnancy test I take 15 days later. Fortunately FOR YOU I've included footage of the pregnancy test at the end of the video for your viewing pleasure. Steven, on the other hand, appears that his asshole is wide enough that you could easily throw in a bowling ball.Jon Jon's cum is leaking down my pussy and ass crack while Ace's 12 inch monster black cock stretches my hole, expelling most of Jon Jon's load. He does have a strong enough back to give his queen a horsey ride. "Well, it doesn't apply here when the horse it white and can't get it up. leftov****: i don't like it when she yells though leftov****: what a great idea for a porn site. My biological clock was determined to get my next creampie in a new position for reasons explained above!

I didn't expect him to come through for me since he can't even go out for milk in a timely manner.

Imagine my surprise as a black thug by the name of "Hooks" walked in my door.

First up to spray my uterus wall with thick jizz from his 8 inch black dick is Jon Jon. Well, it doesn't all "fit down there", but Casey's 18-year-old cunt does the job! You must wait until the end of the entire scene before I show you what the tattoo says! OK, now on to what you really want to hear me talk about: The double creampies I take once again! This week I wanted to get my cream pies in two different positions, greatly increasing my chances of getting pregnant! First black man to drench my ovaries today is Broc.

I lay on my back on the couch with my ankles stuff into my armpits. " Casey's never been with a black man before, but she's heard of the legend we all know as "Dingo". Did I mention that we couldn't have shot this scene only months ago? And that age-old cliche´ -- once you go black, you never go back? I've asked my Gynecologist and all my slut friends which is the best sex position for getting pregnant and everybody seems to give me different answers. I take his internal cusmhot while spread out on the couch in missionary position.

He looks like the kind of black man who would rob you at gunpoint but the sight of my white pussy had him thinking other things.

My cuckold did well so I allowed him to watch as Hooks went to town on my mouth and pussy.

He watched in amazement as I made noises with that black stud that I never make with him and that needle dick of his.

The only thing he was able to manage was pulling his tiny pecker as I rode up and down that third leg of Hooks. Black Chocolate Cream Pie Member Comments: rlooze****: bitch is probably sterile, but keep nuttin in it, cause we all know fuckin is best when trying to make babys Add Your Comments Barb Black Chocolate Cream Pie - Rating: 9.09After waiting impatiently for ANOTHER 15 days after my previous attempt at getting pregnant by random black men, I take my second pregnancy test and find out sadly, once again I timed my fuck session wrong and wasted millions of precious black sperms as I was not ovulating while I received my last creampies! Out of frustration I call up the first black stud that I have on speed dial on my phone and beg him to give my ovaries another try!

For this week's viewer entertainment, I once again take cream pies from multiple black cocks. It is very hard to get 1 black man to cum inside my pussy.

To escape the risk of 18 years of child support, these black guys have rapport to never let a fellow black man cream pie a white girl alone! I take both of their internal cumshots, 1 after the other, in that order. Add Your Comments Barb Black Cum In My Pussy - Rating: 8.97OMG! Last night my slut friend and I went and got the inside of our lips tattooed with something very very naughty. We are talkin' 20 inches combined black cock power and 4 giant black balls full of interracial baby-makin' cumshot power.

My big black stud came in, with a hard cock, and fucked me so hard. Casey went to the mall and got a swim suit for the beach, but when she got home and tried it on, Casey realized it may be "too much". If there were any sperms that couldn't find my eggs in the missionary position, then Ice's sperm will hopefully make their way down and battle Broc's sperm for a chance at spreading his gene pool. Until next week's interracial cream pie escapade, BYE BYE!

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