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My theory is that there is a shorter downtime to Aeonaxx when someone fails.The actual downtime doesn't clock until he is dead.

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If you're going to post about your successful kill, please give the location you killed it, which direction it was flying (north, east, south, west), how high it was off of the ground, if you gave it a chance to have a successful path (assuming no one else was around), and stuff like that. More than likely, it will have 1 flight path, which is around the Earth Temple. Blizzard has a habit of putting rares in spots away from creatures similar to their own model.

THIS information is useful and will help farmers be able to track it and figure out where he is and where he patrols. Aeonaxx could fly through or near the other Stone Drakes, but it's doubtful.

mounted him and he took me for a ride, it then says kill him before he kills you or something like that, i was unable to attack him i coudent figure it out. I found Aeonaxx around server time - he was flying around roughly northwest of the Temple of Earth, between the temple and The Pale Roost.

He also summons little whelps to attack you i was also unable to attack them even with them targeted it. He was at roughly the same altitude as the Stonecore entrance portal, and seemed to be flying counter-clockwise.

Just sat there a watched my health drop, tried jumping off to see if he would come after me but he just despawned. Mounted up, began dpsing, then wondered why his health wasn't going down.

Turns out I couldn't hit him with melee (I'm a DPS warrior); every time I hit an ability I was told I was too far away from my target.If and when you defeat Aeonaxx, his corpse will drop to the ground. As he falls you will get a parachute that brings you down to the corpse. Edited Note: You can turn towards the tail to melee him.I was luck enough to have been on my Shadow Priest, just tossed up Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague, kept myself bubbled and renewed.Aeonaxx will then begin to fly around Deepholm is a large circle continuously spawning little whelps to either side of his head, the whelps are also level 85.Take out the whelps but keep up any dots if you can on the big guy himself.If you have questions about this mount, please avoid the "stupid"questions such as: "What is the spawn timer" or "Can you get more than one mount if you are in a party? This guy has at least 2 patrols: 1 friendly and 1 hostile. Because that all depends on how much damage is going out against him.

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